Install PHP in Apache Server Ubuntu 20.04

PHP installation in Apache server is easy. If you are Ubuntu 20.04 operating system in your cloud hosting, then following step by step guide is going to help you to install PHP. PHP Installation Installing PHP only is not sufficient to run a web application which has PHP as server side scripting. We need libapache2 […]

Install MySQL in Ubuntu 20.04 Apache Server

MySQL server is essential to maintain a database for web application. MySQL is best suitable for relational database management system projects. Following article is going to guide you to insall MySQL in Apache server(Ubuntu 20.04 version) MySQL Installation First of all, login with your non root username and password with super user privileges.(If you have […]

Setup Firewall in Ubuntu 20.04 Server

Firewall is important in any server setup. It helps to allow required network traffic and restricts rest. Most importantly if firewall is not set correctly then it would open doors for the hackers. Following tutorial on setting up firewall in Ubuntu 20.04 Server is helpful to set it right. Login with your user name and […]

Introduction to Web Hosting

Web Hosting is essential for every web application. And if you are confused to decide which hosting is suitable for your project? Then, this step by step complete article is going to put light on web hosting in detail. At the end of this article you will be completely aware about the right hosting option […]