HTML Bold Tag, Italic Tag and Underline Tag

HTML has other essential tags such bold tag, Italic tag and Underline tag. Bold Tag Bold tag is used to set text as bold. Syntax <b>Some Text</b> Output Some Text Italic Tag Italic tag is used to set text as italic Syntax <i>Some Text</i> Output Some Text Underline Tag Underline tag is used to set […]

HTML Heading Tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6

Reader finds a content is easy to understand when the content is arranged in a proper structure. That is, content should begin with a heading text, and the rest content is divided into multiple sub heading texts. In a web page, we share a content with the reader. If the content is not well structured, […]

HTML Web Page Structure

HTML webpage has a structure which we are bound to follow. HTML Webpage Structure Every webpage must have two sections. head section body section How do we define head section? To define head section we use head tag. Head tag has opening and closing tag. (<head></head>) How do we define body section? To define body […]

Introduction to HTML for absolute Beginners

HTML is essential in designing webpages. No webpage is possible with out HTML. HTML is used to create webpage. What is HTML? HTML – Hypertext markup language is a language used to create and stylize HTML web pages. Who understands HTML? Any browser engine such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer understands HTML codes. […]