Python Basics

How to add new python interpreter in pycharm?

In mac OS and Linux OS, python older version is pre-installed. So if we run pycharm, then by default pycharm picks older version of python which is 2.7.

But we want the latest version 3.0 as interpreter in pycharm. So following is the solution to add new python interpreter in pycharm.

  1. Open pycharm and launch your desired project (launch new one)
  2. Go to project settings (Short cut key Ctrl+Alt+S)
  3. Inside settings, find Project Interpreter and and click the configure project interpreter icon.
  4. Then click on add
  5. Here you may see a list of interpreter, then select your desired interpreter, (Here the latest version of python)

Thats it.

Save the settings. Now, latest python interpreter is added to your pycharm project.