There are many different types of specialties within nursing. The nurses help patients maintain their overall health and well-being, which is one of the most common denominators in any nursing specialty. Patients are helped by aesthetic/cosmetic nurses. Patients can live their best life. An aesthetic nurse performs many procedures to help patients with their appearance. They educate patients on their response to treatment. They might focus on procedures such as anti-aging fillers and injections, dermabrasion, and laser removal. Similar to a plastic surgery nurse, the aesthetic nurse is more involved with non-invasive, in-office cosmetic treatments.

How to become a cosmetic nurse without qualifications?

What is an Aesthetic Nurse?

Plastic surgical nurses, also known as aesthetic nurses, are responsible for assisting with clinical procedures as well as pre- and post-op care of patients. Advanced practice registered nurses, also known as registered nurses or nurse practitioners, are these professionals. Education, certification, and training are included in aesthetic nurse qualifications. Laser hair removal and non-invasive body sculpting are some of the procedures the nurses carry out. They may see patients on their own, but they will probably treat them under the supervision of a medical doctor. It's possible to work part-time or full-time at medical spas and outpatient surgical centers.

Cosmetic Nurse Career Requirements

Nurse requirements start with a bachelor's degree. A master's degree is required to become a nurse practitioners. In order to work in this field, 2 to 3 years of experience is needed. A state-issued RN license is also required, and voluntary certification is available. Good communication and critical- thinking skills are required of cosmetic nurses. They need to have compassion, attention to detail, and physical stamina.

A two-year Associate's Degree in Nursing ( ADN) or a four-year Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSIN) is required for aesthetic/cosmetic nursing. Students should always decide what their goals and needs are before choosing an educational program pathway, because some organizations preferentially hire nurses with a degree in nursing.

Nurses must pass the NCLEX-RN exam to be licensed in their state. It isn't typically a requirement for the job, but some aesthetic nurses may want to go to a Nurse Practitioner role. They will need to earn a Master's of Science in Nursing degree. NPs are usually given more responsibility and independence.

How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

A rewarding and satisfying career in aesthetic/cosmetic nursing can be found. When one thinks of a nurse injecting aotulinumtoxinA for patients who want to look younger, they may just think of that. The reality is that aesthetic nursing is much deeper than that. Patients who seek plastic surgery may suffer from depression and body image issues. A calm, caring, and compassionate demeanor is a must for aesthetic/cosmetic nurses.

The first step is to earn a degree.A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is required for candidates to be considered for cosmetic nurse positions. A master's degree is required to work as a nurse. The job does not require an advanced nursing degree since the requirement is interchangeable.

It is possible for nurses who are interested in cosmetic nursing to begin looking for experience in their field while still in school. There are some education institutions that offer training in areas such as fat augmentation and chemical peel.There are two steps to obtaining a nursing license.The next step for prospective nurses is to get a license. Candidates need to graduate from an approved nursing program and complete the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse to be eligible. There are some licensing requirements for registered nurses. If you want to pursue optional licensing as an advance practice registered nurse, you will need to pass an additional exam. This will allow you to be an aesthetic nurse.

Gain experience in cosmetics nursing.Once licensed, individuals can find employment at plastic surgery and spa centers as assistants. Newly licensed nurses may benefit from job shadowing opportunities since they typically need at least two years of experience to practice. Individuals can learn about common nurse job functions, such as assessing skin aging, administering Botox injections and performing post-operative care.

Consider an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Certification.Obtaining this specialty certification can show prospective employers that a nurse is competent in carrying out aesthetic procedures when you are looking at getting aesthetic nurse jobs. This can show you how to become a aesthetic nurse specialty. The Certified Aesthetics Nurse Specialist credentials are available through the Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board. Eligibility requirements for the CANS exam include having an RN license and two years of experience as an RN with one of those years working in facial plastic surgery. If you pass the exam, you must recertify every three years.

Aesthetic Nurse Job Duties

Nurse duties include the following:

  • There are aesthetic procedures that can be performed on patients.
  • Patients should be consulted about their needs.
  • Work with other medical professionals.
  • At all times maintain an excellent bedside manner.

Nurse perform a lot of procedures and treatments. Examples include.

  • Injections
    • There is a drug calledotulinumtoxina.
    • There are different types of fillers, one of them being collagen.
    • Sclerotherapy is a type of therapy.
  • Skin treatments
    • Microdermabrasion.
    • There is tattoo removal.
    • Chemical peelings.
    • A photo is being used for facial rejuvenation.
    • Light therapy is a type of therapy.
  • Laser treatments
    • Hair removal
    • Laser treatments are used for skin rejuvenation.

Certification or Credentials

certification for aesthetic/cosmetic nursing can be obtained through the PSNCB. Certified aesthetic nurse specialist credentials are available for nurses. The requirements for certification are listed below.

  • Do you have a current license?
  • Have accrued at least 1,000 hours in core competency specialties in the last 2 years.
  • A minimum of 2 years of nursing experience is required with a board-certified physician in a core specialty.
  • The application must be endorsed by a supervising core physician.

Where Do Aesthetic/Cosmetic Nurses Work?

Hospitals don't usually have aesthetic/cosmetic nurses on staff. When extended observation and monitoring is needed, the treatments and procedures they perform are not considered to be acute. They mostly work in outpatient medical clinics, medical spas, private offices and sometimes in outpatient surgery centers. Regardless of where they work, aesthetic nurses need to be prepared for emergencies. They are managing a full schedule of patients.

Cosmetic Nurse Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurse employment is expected to increase by 12% over the next decade. According to the BLS, the median salary for RNs is $71,730 annually. State, city, years of employment, degrees and certifications held, and employer can all affect the salary. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for an aesthetic nurse is around $90,142. The average hourly wage is $43.50 per hour.