Want to become an aviation safety inspector? This article will help you to know how to become an aviation safety inspector in India?

How to become aviation safety inspector in India?

How to become an aviation safety inspector in India?

Aviation safety inspector is one of the highest responsible and highest-paid jobs in India. An aviation safety inspector has to monitor all the mechanical jobs of an airplane. A small mistake can cause hundreds of life losses.

What is the job of the Aviation Safety Inspector?

An aviation safety inspector monitors all safety measures taken sufficiently before an airplane takes off. Its the duty of the aviation safety inspector to make sure the entire team from technicians to pilots is up to date. He / She makes sure that every part of the plane was safe to fly. This can include looking at equipment and parts. He / She would have to make sure that the people working with airplanes.

Aviation Safety Inspector as Career

The minimum educational qualification required to become an aviation safety inspector is Bachelor's degree. If you have a master's degree then it would be an added advantage for you. And also if you have experience in some other sector, then that would also be considered for the job position. 

Captains or aircraft mechanics or pilots are given priority for this position. Being an aviation inspector can be difficult and requires an understanding of the mechanical aspects of an aircraft, as well as the internal electronics and the material from which the structure is likely made.

Majorly, an aspiring aviation safety inspector must obtain certification from the federal aviation administration. These programs can last one to two years almost around 1900 hours of coursework. This course may include the following topics.

Aircraft maintenance systems

Airframe maintenance

Powerplant Maintenance

Rigging of Aeroplane

Inspections of Aeroplane

Inspection of Engine

Inspection of Aeroplane electrical systems.


I hope you must have an idea about How to become an aviation safety inspector.