If you have no idea about making money by playing video games, then you are losing a big jackpot. Many people are making money playing games in the last few years. The video game industry has seen a massive increase in players with so many different platforms to choose from Playing video games can be a great way to relax and earn some money. In this article, we will learn how to make money playing games.

How to make money online from home playing video games?

Can You Make Money Playing Games?

Video game playing is not limited to entertainment only. You would wonder Playing games can make you money. There are a number of ways to make money through gaming, including playing online games, making video game content or journalist, participating in live professional gaming events, and live streaming their gaming. And you look through youtube, there are thousands of video game streaming channels are live who are actually making big money in less span of time.

How Much Money Can You Make Playing Video Games?

Okay if playing video games can grant an opportunity to earn handsome income then how much it would be? Depending on the types of games you play, the amount of time you dedicate, and the platforms you use, the amount of money you can make playing video games will vary. So there is not straight answer to this question.

So there can not be a straight answer. There is no way to establish an average for the amount of money that a person can make playing a game. Cash prizes and other incentives can be offered in game tournaments, which can increase earnings. A game tournament can pay thousands of dollars where gamers from around the globe may participate.

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

If you are good at video game playing then a good income is waiting for you. You can make your mark in the gaming industry by earning money while you are at it. Depending on your interests and time commitments, you can find a niche in video games and earn money for pursuing an interest. 

1. Create a Youtube channel

You need a video streaming platform for your video game playing projection. And youtube is the best and free platform available. A lot of avid game players make money via the internet. You can run live streams or pre- recorded videos of your game play for people to watch.

So how you are gonna make money! By monetising your youtube channel.You can monetise your channel by posting video game tips on your channel, as well as reviewing games on your channel. When viewers watch video or banner ads on your gaming videos, you will earn a percentage of ad revenue.

2. Become a video game developer

Wait if you have good understanding of the video game world, then you could be a video game developer. If you want to be both a skilled player and a game designer, then becoming a video game developer might be the path for you. Even if you have no idea about coding, still you have the chance.

If you have new video game world ideas, then company is waiting for you. You can become part of the video game industry if you work with game design companies to create a new game. The average salary for game developers at a video game company is between $50,000 and 80,000 a year. Each company will likely have different requirements for a game developer, so you can browse job boards to understand what requirements are required. Before pitching your idea do consider to register them.

3. Set up a video game coaching business

You would wonder there students, young people who really wants to learn and master the art of video game playing. If you have interest in teaching, then coaching business could be a good option. If you like teaching and playing games, you can combine the two to start a video game coaching business. As a video game coach, your responsibilities would include teaching players how to play the game, as well as helping players improve as they practice for video game tournaments A mixture of one-on-one teaching and watching videos is what you can set up your coaching business for. Depending on expertise, the game, and other factors, video games coaches can make up to $25,000 a year. Coaching business may require a dedicated team to run the establishment.

4. Become a video game journalist

I used to share my reviews to my friends after playing a video game. They used to appreciate. And these days, I write blog on video game. News Paper, Online News and News TV Channel need good video game journalist. Become a video game journalist is a great way to explore your interest in video games. You will report on new releases from video game companies, play games, and write reviews. And yes you may make money more than any other opportunities for video game players.

5. Become a QA tester in a Video Game Company

If you think, after developing a video game, video game making company releases straight then you are wrong. Company hires video game players and records their review. If you are good at analysing video games then Quality Analysis tester position is waiting for you. Before the game can be released, a game tester is needed. It requires playing the game, providing feedback on the quality, the game itself, and reporting any bugs or issues you see.

6. Create video game tutorials

You can make extra money by creating specialised video game tutorials and posting them on social media platforms. You can increase your bank account by teaching others how to play games and impart wisdom. You can either focus on a particular game or create a niche for it to attract more people.

Apps and Websites That Will Pay You to Play Video Games

Other ways to make money while playing games are available online through mobile games and websites, if you are looking for more ways to make money while playing games. In order to answer the question of how to make money gaming, we will look at some other ways to make money.

1. Mistplay

One of the most popular game apps is Mistplay, which allows users to earn money playing games. Users get gift cards for popular retailers as they play and discover new games at Mistplay, and there is an in-built social experience that makes it fun.

Mistplay is a website game and a mobile app.

2. Blitz

Users can play games and make money at the same time by using their points to redeem gift cards. You can solve multiple puzzles and play a wide range of games.

The mobile app for Blitz is available on both platforms.

3. Skillz Gaming

There are various games on the Skillz gaming platform. As you compete against other players, there are a variety of puzzle games, fighting games, and more. You can pay your earnings via your PayPal account or via cash.

There is a mobile app and website game called Skillz Gaming.

4. VeryDice

The premise of VeryDice is to roll dice and win tickets. Prizes vary depending on the dice roll, and players can win tickets for each roll. Instead of gift cards or vouchers, users can redeem their tickets for items such as electronics, gadgets, and more.

There is a mobile app and website game called Skillz Gaming.

5. Brain Battle

Brain Battle allows users to win money while they play video games. Users who play video games are entered into cash prize draws to win real money by playing different kinds of games.

Brain Battle is a mobile app.


GAMEHAG rewards users for playing games by collecting gems that can be used to redeem rewards. The GAMEHAG players can collect soul gems as they play and interact with the community. The gems can be redeemed for gift cards and vouchers.

GAMEHAG is a game that can be played on a website and on a mobile device.

How to Make More Money By Playing Video Game

You can begin to think about how to maximise your earnings once you start making money gaming. Here are some tips that will help you make more money.

  1. It is possible to make significant income by participating in online tournaments and gaming sites. You can increase your skills by watching videos.
  2. Investing in the right equipment can make a huge difference to your gaming skills, so consider investing in items like headsets, keyboards, and gaming laptops
  3. You can get ideas and inspiration from others in the industry if you look at how they make money and how similar you are to them.
  4. Increase your reach and engagement by working with gaming companies to create sponsored deals like cash rewards for followers.


I hope you have understood the power of video game playing and how you can make money by playing video games at home.