It is possible to make money from watching videos. It is easy to make extra money by watching films and ads online in your spare time.It is a great way to make money with similar ventures like starting a YouTube channel. Your CV could be boosted by doing video-related work experience. It's ideal if you're hoping to get a job in film, TV or digital media

How to make money online from watching videos?

We will go through the best ways to watch videos for money here.

Make money watching videos on InboxPounds

InboxPounds works in a similar way. It allows you to make money by watching videos and taking surveys.You might not make a lot of money on here, but the more tasks you do the more money you can make.

You can earn money by reading deals emails or searching the internet.

Watch videos for money on Swagbucks

Signing up to Swagbucks is a great way to start making money quickly. You can get rewards for doing online surveys, watching videos and surfing the web.Ad, news, and viral videos are some of the types of videos you can watch on Swagbucks.

You might not make a lot of money if you watch videos on the site. It is easy money, but it is worth trying. When you use Swagbucks on top of the other suggestions, your earnings will add up. If you want more tips, read our review. Click the link below to get a special sign up bonus.

Watch ads, TV trailers and more for money on Slicethepie

You can earn points for doing things like watching interesting videos, listening to music and answering survey questions on the site.

There are clips for films and TV shows in the videos. The minimum withdrawal is $10 and will be paid into your PayPal account. You might need to wait up to five working days for the withdrawal request to be processed if you read through all the reviews before making payments.

Watch video ads on WeAre8 for earnings or charity

Would you like to see ads for money and make a positive impact? WeAre8 is an app that you could use.

WeAre8 is an app that allows you to earn money from watching videos. There's a slight difference. You can make money to boost your bank balance as well as contribute to charity.You can earn up to 20p per video if you answer a few quick questions after watching ads.

There are three ways in which you can get the money paid out once you reach the minimum amount.

  • You can pay it into your account with PayPal.
  • It's possible to pay your mobile bill with it.
  • You could forward it to a charity of your choice.

Each time you watch a video on the app, the brands make a charity donation as well.

Make money watching videos on PrizeRebel

It is almost free money to use PrizeRebel, a site that allows you to earn money watching videos. You are able to request the money you have earned through the site as gift cards or money. The minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn is $5.If you redeem your points for a voucher, you may find the minimumPayout is lower than it is when you use PayPal. You may be able to use your points to claim an Amazon voucher.

Your money/gift cards will be sent to you within 24 hours after you redeem your points.You can increase your earnings by answering paid online surveys, and by referring friends to PrizeRebel.On PrizeRebel's social media pages, they often share opportunities to get bonus points.

Write subtitles for films as a freelancer via Fiverr

If you want to add more film-related experience to your CV and make money in the process, you could start writing subtitles for online videos as a freelancer.It can take a lot of time to write transcripts. To save time, some content creators hire writers to write their subtitles. You can find video subtitles written for a fee on sites like Fiverr. If you want to know what other people charge for similar services, you should look at what other people are charging. Post rates that you think are fair are first.

We have seen some people on Fiverr start their rates at around $4 to write subtitles. This is a bonus if you speak another language. It means that you would be able to charge a bit more for your work. It will impress the future employers.

Make money from film and TV reviews

Are you hoping to make a living by watching videos? Being a film or TV reviewer is one of the best ways to do it.

It is difficult to reach the point of writing about videos as a full-time job. You can do it with hard work, dedication, and good writing skills.Film and TV critics are very competitive. You will need to charge lower rates to reflect your level of experience, if you are thinking about writing for a living.

You have a right to get paid for your writing. You should not have to accept payments that are less than you think is fair because you are starting out. If you want to get a full-time job as a film or TV critic, you need to look into internship opportunities. Some journalism internships don't pay well. PressPad can be used for help with accommodation in London.

Our guide to supporting yourself financially during an internship can help if you find yourself on an internship. Once you start to make a name for yourself, you can gradually increase your rates and take on more money.

Pitching article ideas about films and TV shows to editors

If you want to get commissioned for film or TV reviews as a freelancer, you should set up a blog. You can show off your talent and writing style. Look for editors who work in relevant publications. If you want to pitch your idea, contact them directly and address them by their name in emails. They can see what you can do if you link to your portfolio or website at the end of your pitch.Don't be discouraged by rejections, be confident with your article ideas, and keep your pitches concise. Hopefully, in the future, you will be able to make money by writing about your favourite films and TV shows.

  1. Take part in paid psychological studies

    If you want to take part in psychological and behavioural studies, this could be a good way to make money.

    Depending on the type of trial and how long it lasts, you can receive as much as £100+ for your time, but the amount you can get paid in compensation for psychological studies will vary greatly.

    We recommend only signing up for studies if you really want to do them, rather than as a way of making money. Depending on the nature of the study, there is a chance for them to be emotionally or mentally challenging. It is best to only take part in those that you are comfortable with.

    How to find psychological trials

    When signing up for psychological studies it is important to choose a trusted organisation.

    We recommend that you focus on studies at universities when looking for psychology trials.

    Get in touch with the psychology department at your uni to see if there are any upcoming studies you could get involved in. This is the easiest way to participate in one.

    It is possible to look into studies at other universities.

    If you want to focus your search, try typing in the name of the university you are looking for. The relevant page can be found on the uni's website.

    You will find call-outs for study trial participants and guidance on how to apply there.

    If you want to find out more about the psychology department at the university, you could always call or email them.

    Sometimes universities will say that they are looking for volunteers for the studies. Some form of compensation for your time and expenses will still be included in these opportunities.

    The University of Cambridge has a website where you can register as a research study participant. Modest monetary compensation is offered to people who participate in the event.

    You should keep an eye out for studies that suit you and your interests.

  2. Promote videos for companies online

    You could charge companies to promote their clips online, as well as getting paid to watch videos.

    It's a common way to make money on the web. If you have a reasonable number of followers on social media and/or your own website, you can do this.

    You can charge companies to share their content if your audience is bigger.

    It is important to make sure the videos you are promoting are relevant to your audience. If your followers don't engage with your content, it could really hurt your online brand.

    If you want to discuss working together on a sponsored video post, try reaching out to the marketing departments of brands.

    It is possible to find companies who will pay you a fee to share their video content on the internet. If you have a smaller online following, this could be very effective.

    If you get paid to share a post online, remember to state that it's an advert or sponsored post. You can find more information in the ASA's guide.