Want to start your own construction business in India? Don't know how? This article is for you. The construction business is not only limited to the construction process but also involves challenges and obstacles. So starting from the basics would be a wise decision. 

How to start a construction business with no money in India?

Are you going to start a construction company? Let's understand how to start a profitable construction business with no experience. The construction business is grooming super fast in India. There is a great future in this sector, especially in this period.

Start a Construction Business with no Money

The construction industry has huge scope in a developing nation like India. If you look around then you could easily notice there is a flood of construction work going on. In this phase, if you opt for the construction business then you may hit the jackpot and may make a huge amount of profit.

But the construction business is not similar to any other business. Especially if you want to step in with a single penny in hand then you must have to understand the business from its core.

Before You Start

Ask Yourself the following questions

1. What kind of construction service do you want to provide?

2. Do you know the craftsmen (Mistry) of your locality?

3. Do you know the work of construction?

4. What would be the actual cost of construction?

5. How do you going to arrange labor for your construction work?

6. What are the risks associated with the construction business?

7. Are all the required materials for construction available in your locality?

8. What about the emergency that may occur during construction work?

No need to worry, if you have no answers to the above questions at this moment. Your job is to find answers to the above questions. 


The construction industry contributes to the rebuilding of a country after the war. They work with governments to ensure that basic infrastructures are restored and of course, it will result in a win-win situation for both parties. The government gets what they want and the construction company and contractors get good returns on their work.

Understand the Industry

According to a report, First-tier nations (Such as the USA, UK, Australia, and Germany) and India are the world's biggest construction project handling places. This means this industry has a huge scope for the next couple of decades. This means you can risk yourself to step into the industry.

Raw materials are the core part of the construction work. So visit the market and make a list of all the raw materials that are used in the construction and their current price. 

And apart from this, visit the construction site and befriend contractors and craftsmen as well. They are the key element to help you to proceed in this industry. Also figure out how much they charge, how they arrange labor and how much wages each labor charges per day.

Spends weeks and weeks observing how the construction work carried on and what are the challenges that appear often.

The core idea here is to understand the industry of the construction business in its depth.

Construction Business with no money

If you want to start your own construction business then you have two situations here.

1. Start your construction project.

This means you may have to pay from a screw to the completion of the project. If you are planning to start with no money then this option is extremely difficult.

2. Be a contractor and do construction projects for someone else

This option is easy especially if you are planning to start with no money. In this case, you have to pitch your construction plan and budget to your client. Once your client is happy and agreed to your proposal then your client is going to pay money in advance to you. This means you have money in your hand and all you have to do is to complete the project in time.

But wait, here is a problem. Most people who want a contractor to complete their construction project on their behalf prefer to pay their advance money to some company rather than to someone individual.

So might need to start a company first. Luckily there are plenty of scopes available in India. You can register your company with a very nominal fee and begin your construction business journey. All you have to do next is sign a contract with your client.

When you secure a contract to carry out a construction project, the norm is that you will be financially mobilized to begin the project. It means that you don't have to use your money to carry out a construction project. People are encouraged to start their own construction companies because it is cost-effective to manage the business. Construction companies only hire experts and casual workers when they have construction work to do. They do not need to keep a large workforce.

Market Research

Market changes fast. Even I can say, it changes each week or each month for sure. So be updated with raw material market rates frequently. And also you must have to find projects for your company frequently. So Construction Business owners should conduct thorough research on the marketplace to find out the construction requirements in their area or society. 

Remember one more thing Rules and regulations for starting a construction company will vary from state to state and country to country. Depending on the type of property, the construction requirements are area specific. Depending upon your client's need you may need to construct an individual house, apartment, or shopping complex. So be ready for these options.

How to grow in Construction Business?

Following are a few important pieces of information that may help you to grow in the industry.

Construction Niche Matters the Most

Niche matters in every field. So growth and success in the construction industry also depend on the niche. In simple words what kind of construction category do you want to grow. 

Some of the important construction niches are house construction, apartment construction, bridge construction, commercial complex construction, etc.

Each construction niche needs a different skill set, experience, budget, and knowledge. So in advance decide which construction niche you may want to step in. 

For Example:

If you are planning to step into house construction. Then you need to think twice. Because today's date people are preferring purchasing a flat in an apartment then purchasing or constructing an individual house. So it would be wise to step into apartment construction.

So instead of stepping into a construction niche, do detailed research and see in which niche of construction you see your bright future.

Identify the Major Competitors in the Industry

The biggest bitter truth in any sector especially in Business is the competitors. They are constantly trying their best to rule the entire market. So you must have to two-step ahead of these competitors. It is possible only if you identify them.

The biggest goal is to attract the right client to your office. Critical economic analysis must be conducted to ensure that the risks and other threats associated with starting a business or investing in a business are mitigated. If you are considering starting a construction company, your concern should not be restricted to acquiring an office facility and equipping the facility or hiring the best hands in the industry, you should also be concerned about how to attract investors who can pull the needed cash to successfully execute projects. If you fail, then your competitor or competitors are going to take advantage of the opportunity.

Manage the budget

Another big mistake most new construction business owners commit. They purchase construction equipment. They cost a hell lot of money. Because of the heavy-duty tax imposed on them. So instead of purchasing, you can rent them. Yes, there are so many shops available in each city, they provide good quality construction equipment for rent at a very low cost.

Similarly, instead of providing low-quality cheap food (which is not cheap) to the construction team on site, hire a cook, prepare good quality food and provide them. You may wonder if it may cost higher. If you prepare food by yourself it is always going to cost less.

The core idea at this point is to save money as much as you can.

Building Network

If you are part of a business, networking is the biggest tool that will help you to keep growing. To grow and expand their businesses, construction company owners (like you) need to develop healthy relationships with suppliers, builders, contractors, brokers, partners, and property dealers. Try to meet at least once a month. Befriend such entities. And offer projects on some occasions. It will help you to build trust in them.

Networking is the key to expanding your construction business through these entities. 

Make Workforce Bank

Workforce, labor, and workers. Your project going to need these people. So always pay them extra than they paid. Labors love food. So provide them delicious special food items sometimes. Arrange transport for them so that their transport fee may be saved. 

Similarly, arrange free health checkups at least once a month. So these tiny things matter most. It will help you to increase your workforce bank. Remember The labor or workers are important to the construction company. Subcontractors hired employees, and independent contractors are some of the entities that the workforce is employed by.

Finalize Construction Business Plan

The way a blueprint of building construction matters, similarly business plan also matters. A well-drafted business plan should contain all the details of the business. Information about the nature of the business, location, investment cost, budget, required working capital, equipment or raw materials should be included in the business plan. The plan should include details of capital and inventory, planning techniques, marketing, and advertising strategies, target customer base, etc. This will help you to foresee your construction project in advance.

If you are unable to finalize a construction business plan, do not worry! There are plenty of experts in the market. They will help you. But they may charge. So you have the option for it. Remember The whole idea of writing a business plan is not just for the sake of having a business document in place, but for a detailed guide on how to effectively run your business from the scratch. 

Once your construction business plan is finalized. Then go for registration and register your construction business company. Remember registered construction business company is not only trustable for your clients to pay the money but also there are plenty schemes from Government available which you can take advantage of.


I hope you must have a clear understanding of how to start a construction business with no money in India. You have learned to start a construction business you must have to understand the industry. Increase your knowledge. Build a network in your industry. Prepare a business plan. And then you are ready to start your business. Best of luck.