Do you know, that now you can deliver fuel to your doorstep in India? Fuel delivery can be a highly profitable business. This article may help you to know in-depth about fuel delivery business startups in India.

How to start your own fuel delivery business in India?

Fuel Delivery Business in India

Unlike any other delivery, in this business also, you have to deliver fuel at the doorstep as per your client's demand. It takes a lot of effort to start a business. The amount of paperwork, regulatory obligations, and strategic planning that must be completed might be overwhelming. India's growing middle class is helping to fuel young people's entrepreneurial ambitions. The process of starting and running a company has been simplified by technology. It is a good time to start a business in India. Before starting any business, you must have to know the basics of your target business.

About Fuel Delivery Business

One of the demanding and fast-growing businesses could be the fuel delivery business. In this business, as a business owner, your job is to provide fuel at the doorstep of the one who has ordered. Honestly saying the concept is not new. A couple of decades back when there were no fuel refilling stations nearby, there used to be small shops in cities and villages that used to sell fuel. They even used to reach at the doorstep to deliver fuel in plastic bottles on regular basis.

Now, this can be done as a legal business. Once your business is ready, you can launch your website or mobile app where people can place their orders.

Before we start, there are certain things that you should know about.

Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest (EOI): If you want to start your own oil delivery system business then you are required to sign an expression of interest with Oil companies. In general, the initial agreement is for 10 years period. Once this term is over, you need to renew the agreement. An individual can not sign an EOI. Only a registered company such as PVT Ltd or LLP company is eligible to sign an agreement.

Basic Vision

If you are serious about this business, then you need a vision to start. How you are going to deliver the fuel? How can you solve the problem of your buyers? Why would anyone order fuel when it's available nearby? What are some of the other benefits people can get if they order fuel at their doorstep? Are you going to provide online order or cash delivery system? Are there any other competitors in the market?

If you have answers for the above, then you are ready for the business. The most important thing is to research the market and build a vision. 

Process of Fuel Delivery

You need a vehicle using which you can deliver the required fuel. But the main question is, how can you get the order? For this, you have to launch a website. A mobile application would be the best option because most people are now familiar with mobile apps. 

On that website or mobile app, people can order online. Once you receive the order then you have to reach your client's doorstep and deliver the fuel. 

You must have included online payment options such as credit card payment, debit card payment, UPI payment, and wallet payment. By this users have multiple options to make payments. Also, include a map in your application so that user can pin their location.

Once you received the order and payment, your team should be able to reach your client's location and refill their vehicles.

The good part along with vehicles, electricity generators need fuel to run. 

How to start Fuel Delivery Service?

Following are a few important steps that you can follow to start a fuel delivery service.

1. Build an Order Receiving system

Build a web application and mobile application. If you have no idea about web applications or mobile applications then no need to worry. Visit freelancer. in websites, post your requirement and you will get plenty of developers who can do the job for a very minimal amount.

The sole purpose of the web application and mobile application should be able to allow users to make payments and place their orders. 

2. Dedicated team to track order

You must have a dedicated team who can monitor all the placed orders. Once your company receives the order, they should be able to keep an eye on your fuel delivery vehicle and on what route it's moving. Because there is a risk of fraud in the business. What if your fuel delivery truck reaches some other point and sells to some other person. 

Along with this, this team should be able to identify bogus orders such as some people may place orders and later on deny receiving their placed order. In such a scenario, your team's job would be to blacklist such persons and their IP addresses.

3. Fuel Delivery vehicle and crew

You can not hire someone new to driving. You must have well-trained and experienced drivers, and fuel delivery boys. So the best option would be who has experience driving in the city and knows tit and bit of the city. Similarly, hire some boys who have already worked at fuel stations. The use of expert drivers who can securely transport the fuel to the customer's location is needed. They know how to choose the best road approaches based on the population density in the area. For the sake of the firm, the owner must now engage competent HAZMAT drivers.

4. Tie up with Fuel Providers

Alike a fuel refill station, you are bound to keep a fuel bank. For this tie-up with fuel providers is must require. The most important step in starting a fuel delivery service is collaborating with fuel providers. Without the fuel the business is pointless. The owner must work with the best fuel source for the job to not have their fuel supply interrupted.

Also, check if the fuel provider is providing credit or not. Because paying cash in advance to do the business is not at all feasible.

Required Features in your Web application and Mobile Application

You could not miss the following important features in your web application and mobile application otherwise it may ruin your online fuel delivery system.

1. Location tracking

Your app should have easy access to locate your client's location. Your fuel delivery vehicle driver must be able to locate the location easily. The ability for users to manually pin their position is something that should be in your software. Users of your mobile should also be able to see the current location of your fuel delivery vehicle. Users need this feature to pin their vehicle's location even if it is parked elsewhere. This feature can be useful when someone is lost in the middle of nowhere. 

2. Fuel Type and Quantity selection option

Once your user or client is willing to order fuel, then the user must have this option to select the fuel type: Petrol Diesel or premium petrol, etc. Along with fuel type, your user must have the option to set the amount such as 1 liter, 10 liter,s or 15 liters, etc.

3. Payment Options

As I have mentioned above, your client and user must have different options once they place an order. Credit card payment, debit card payment, UPI Payment, and Wallet payment are a few mandatory online payment options you must have to include in your app.

4. Call and text from within the app

Your client must easily communicate such as make calls or texts to the driver and your dedicated team. So you must have to include this option.

5. Monitor Fuel Delivery

Once your fuel delivery vehicle is out to fulfill the order. Then your team should be able to monitor the vehicle's current location and similarly, your client or consumer should be able to track the fuel delivery truck's current location. 

How to grow your fuel delivery business?

Growing a business is a must irrespective of the business type. A small unpleasantness in your consumer can cause a big loss in the business. So providing the best service in your locality should be your prime goal. And also keep checking the quality of fuel you receive from your fuel provider. Bad quality fuel may damage your consumer's vehicle.

Marketing is another key element behind the success of a business. Do offline marketing and online marketing to create awareness about your doorstep fuel delivery business.  Luckily plenty of digital marketing agencies exist in each city. Take their help. They charge a very nominal fee to promote your product. Be sure after online marketing, your service is appearing in the search results like Google Search Result and Bing Search Result. Promote your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also.


I hope you must have understood how to start a fuel delivery business in India. If you have any questions or suggestions then you can reach me by using the contact us page or my social accounts.