Do you want to start your own online tutoring business in India? Then you must have to aware of the following few facts, realities, and tips to grow your online tutoring business.

How to start your own online tutoring business in India?

Online Tutoring Business

Tremendous opportunities are waiting in the online tutorial section, especially in a developing country like India. Gradually people's interest has been shifted from learning a course or subject sitting in a class room to sitting in front of a laptop/desktop/tablet / Mobile phone and learning from online tutorials.

So undoubtedly Online tutorial business would be a big profitable earning medium and as well as great scope to grow. 

Where to Start?

If you want to start online education, then you must be thinking about where to start?

Niche or Subject

First, decide your niche or subject that you want to provide online tutorials. 


- Web design course (HTML, Javascript, Jquery, Python, Java, .Net)

- CBSE 10th Board (All subjects that CBSE 10th students going to appear in the exam)

- Online Money Making (All the tips, tricks, and sources to make money from the internet)

Or, Also you can provide anyone subject online training. 


- Python Programming

- How to start and grow a Youtube channel

- A to Z guide to blogging

Tutors Team

Once you have figured out your niche or subject(s) that you want to provide online education, then it's time to think about who is going to teach. 

If you are good at your target niche or subject then you can be an online tutor. Otherwise, build your team according to your target subjects. Keep in mind, that the team member should be super experts in their respective subjects and should have a good understanding of how to teach in a very simple manner. They should have a confident good voice that is audible and should appear confident in front of the camera.


It's time to think about the platform. Where your online tutorials will be available? Your first option could be youtube. You can provide your online tutorials on youtube. And the best part, your youtube channel would grow fast if you have great content.

The second option would be to provide your online education through a web application. If you have no idea about web application making, then do not worry. Either you can use free Content management software like WordPress and build your online tutorial website for free. Your web application going to need hosting which you have to pay for it either monthly or yearly. Or you can also take the help of freelancers that are available on the freelancing website such as and hire one. Such freelancers charge a very nominal fee and would build a web application for you.

How to make money from Online Tutoring Business?

Following are a few solutions to make money from the online tutorial business in India.

1. Advertisements

If your online tutorial is available through a youtube channel, then Google's Adsense (One of the popular ad networks) is going to show ads in your videos and upon user engagement with the ads, your channel would earn revenue.

Similarly, if you have provided online tutorials through a web application or mobile application then you can also use Google Adsense's service to show ads in your video tutorials. 

2. Monthly or Time Payment

Youtube has a feature where you can charge your viewers every month or one-time charge. Similarly, if your online tutorials are available through a website or mobile application, you can collect payments every month or one-time payments through various payment gateway integration. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

You promote someone else's product, and upon sale, you earn a certain amount of commission. So promoting products such as some new course of some third party you can make a decent amount of money each month.

So you can either opt for one of the above earning solutions or more than one earning solution depending upon your strategy to grow your business.

Requirements To Become An Online Tutor

If you are good at your target subject or niche for online education, design your course and teach. Otherwise, hire people who are expert and has long-time experience in the teaching field of your target niche or subject.

How To Attract More Students

Once your online tutor profile is endorsed, and you have little experience with online sessions, you have to do the following things to get more students to book more sessions with you.

  • Update your profile.
    Then, consider what your potential clients i.e, students want to hear from you. Include video messages in your profile. This adds far more value than a simple and basic content profile.
  • Ask your students to give you ratings and reviews.
    Ratings and reviews should be apparent on your tutoring profile. The most ideal way would be to ask your students to rate you just after the session. The more and better reviews and ratings you have, the better are your chances to appear on the first page.
  • Availability is a big issue for most students.
    If your available timings don’t coordinate with the students, they won’t book sessions with you. Continuously remember the time zone of your potential students.
  • Always respond to the session requests quickly.
    In case you receive a message from any enquiring student, be helpful to them.

Key Factors Behind Success of Online Tutorial Business

Following are the essential key factors behind the success of the online tutorial business.

Subject Knowledge

You need to choose a subject in which you have a lot of knowledge to start an online tuition business. A subject where you know the concepts inside-out but don't rely on rote learning. It is not necessary to have a degree to live in that country.

Online Demand of the Subject / Niche

Inquire about the demand for lessons in your subject. It is really important to know how popular the subject is online. Teaching something specialized allows you to charge a lot of money. There's a need for regular lessons on the subject. A good tutoring course won't make up for a one-off lesson with a student. As a private tutor, regular delivery of content is important. It is up to you if you want to teach several subjects. 

Tutor business plan

Business plan matters. Especially if you are stepping into online education. Why is a business plan necessary? It gives you a set of goals to work towards. What do you want to accomplish in six months? Do you think it will happen in a year? What are you looking for in a tutor and your students? A business plan will give you an answer to the questions and help you design the course that would benefit your students the most.

This business may need investment. Before investment, understanding the profit return this business would make in a particular time. You need to think carefully about your market. Think about how much you will make throughout a couple of years. Write down what you want to achieve. The first year of setting up a tutoring business can be difficult and draining, so the business plan provides motivation.


Your business may have competition in the market. If not, then once you succeed, there would be plenty of competition going to appear sooner or later. So you need marketing.

Promote your online education services on online platforms. Target social media platforms because you would find plenty of potential customers on this platform only.

You can find other ways to promote your business. It is the hardest part of the online tutoring business. Unless people are aware that you exist, there is no chance of a tutoring career. Advertising is very effective if you know how to do it.

Thanks to digital marketing agencies present in most of the cities. Take help of them. They are experts in targeting the right audience at a very low cost.

Online Tutorial Production

Your online education needs a camera setup, sound recording setup, lighting setup, and a background. So you need a good workspace where your presenter could deliver the required online tutorial and your team may record it. Editing Setup is also needed. Once your tutorials are done then your online tutorials need editing. So a computer system with editing software and an editor is required.

Once your video tutorials are well-edited, you need to generate various video formats for your online video. Then upload to your target platform.

Online Payment

Thanks to the plenty of online payment gateways which provide easy hassle-free integration in a web application and mobile application. Therefore you can easily collect payment online. Your customers going to pay using their debit card, credit card, UPI payment, or Internet Banking.

Cancellation Policy

Before your potential customers are willing to make a payment must have a clear understanding of your cancellation policy. A detailed cancellation policy is needed to avoid problems and awkward situations. Inform the students of this policy before students going to make a payment.


So these are a few important guidelines, tips, and tricks to starting an online tutoring business in India. I hope this article has helped you to understand this business in detail.