HTML Basics

HTML Web Page Structure

HTML webpage has a structure which we are bound to follow.

HTML Webpage Structure

Every webpage must have two sections.

  1. head section
  2. body section

How do we define head section?

To define head section we use head tag. Head tag has opening and closing tag. (<head></head>)

How do we define body section?

To define body section in a webpage, we use body tag. Body tag too has opening and closing tag. (<body></body)

So the html webpage has head section and body section. We use head tag to define head section and body tag to define body section.

Then, how do we define a webpage is HTML webpage?

To define a webpage is a HTML webpage we use html tag. HTML tag too has opening tag and closing tag. (<html></html>)

Therefore is the complete html code of a webpage.







Copy and paste this html code in a blank document, save with any file name with .html extension. Open it with any browser.

Congratulations, you have created a blank html web page with a structure.


What ever data, that is visible in a webpage is written in between body tag. The data which are not useful for reader but essential for the browser and search engine, is written inside the head tag.

Tags or html codes that is written inside head tag is a advanced concept, so we will discuss in some other future chapter.

From this chapter on wards, what ever html code we are going to learn, we are going to keep in between the body tag.