HTML Basics

Introduction to HTML for absolute Beginners

HTML is essential in designing webpages. No webpage is possible with out HTML. HTML is used to create webpage.

What is HTML?

HTML – Hypertext markup language is a language used to create and stylize HTML web pages.

Who understands HTML?

Any browser engine such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer understands HTML codes.

How to create a HTML Webpage?

To create a HTML webpage, open a blank document in any text editor, save the file with .html extension. Thats it we have created html webpage. The file name should not contain space or special characters.

Lets define the content of webpage.

just type any text what ever you want, safe the file and open it using any browser.

Lets stylize the text. Lets bold the text.


<b>Some Sample Text</b>

Save this and run.

You will see the text is bold now.

Note: “<b>” is known as opening bold tag and “</b>” is known as closing bold tag.

To get a desired result we use required HTML tag. Every tag (except few) has a opening tag and closing tag. The only difference between opening tag and closing tag, closing tag has forward slash after the less than symbol.

In this case we have used “bold tag” to set the stylize of the text as bold.

Similarly there are plenty html tags available we will explore as we proceed on in this HTML chapter series.

Note: So far, we have saved a blank document with .html file extension and then we bold the text. This is not the right approach! Because we have directly defined the stylize of the text (that is bold in this case) with out defining the structure of the web page.

So what is HTML Web page Structure?

Check next chapter!.