Introduction to Web Hosting

Web Hosting is essential for every web application. And if you are confused to decide which hosting is suitable for your project? Then, this step by step complete article is going to put light on web hosting in detail. At the end of this article you will be completely aware about the right hosting option for your website.

What is Web hosting?

web Hosting is a way through which a web developer makes their web application live. It means once the web application is live, any one around the corner of the world can access the web app through internet. And for hosting we require a server.


Server is a kind of computer which contains all the required files of a website. These files can be accessed using internet.


Lets consider Facebook.

Facebook is definitely hosted in a server because of which we can access it from around the corner of the world with the help of internet.

When we visit Facebook, the first page appears is the login page. It means, in that server there must be a login file present in the server. User logins with credentials  and if credentials are valid, then the user is redirected to the news feed page. So there must be another file which valid the provided credentials and if the credentials are valid then redirected to another file which contains latest news feed.

Now here the point is all the required files of Facebook website are located in a kind of computer.

In similar fashion, all the files of this website is also located in a server because of which you are able to access it through internet.

So if you want to run a website for whatsoever purpose you are bound to have a server.

Luckily these days the price of server has become so low that even school going kid can effort with his/her pocket money.

Yes, it is true. We can get server even for free. (But yes, free version server are for limited period of time). Otherwise we can get server for a minimum price of thirty rupees per month.

But wait, if server are available for thirty rupees per month then why do company are spending lakhs and even crores of money each month on the server.

And the answer is, there are various types of server available and for easy understanding remember lowest configuration server costs less price and price increases as per the configuration increases.

Server are available for one time purchase and also available for monthly rental basis.

Who should have a server?

Any one who wants to have a web application (web site). These days blogging is at its peak and people are well aware blogging has the potential to provide a minimum six digit monthly income with less effort. Irrespective of the website type, website owner opt blogging to drive healthy high amount of organic traffic.


If you write about certain topic regularly (once a month, twice or thrice a week, or each day), then you are blogging. When internet was there, people used to write in a diary about their travel experience or daily life experience. These days blogging is fullfilling such requirement. In blogging, you can write any thing, that you want to write about. But it should be regular.

Suppose I have a website and I sell yoga training videos. Then if I provide blog about various yoga asana and their benefits then definitely I am going to get good amount of website visitors in my website. And it will help to increase my sales.

Blogging is one of the aspect of money making through website. But website can have different purpose. Irrespective of the purpose a server is required.

Which server should one opt?

The answer lies in understanding type of server.

Types of Server

Broadly server can be classified into two category.

  1. Free Server
  2. Paid Server

Free Server

Yes, hard to believe there are free servers available in which we can launch our website at a zero price.


Blogspot is a product of Google. Millions of blogging site are hosted in Blogspot server. It is 100% free. It provides free unlimited domains. It means one can create hundreds of blog site in this server.



You must have seen ad from wix. It is another platform to launch a blogging site for free. It also provides a free domain.



Weebly is another platform for free blogging. It provides a domain name also.



Medium is another highly reputed blogging platform. It is reputed because it has more than 90 domain authority. The only demerit about medium, it does not provide option to create own domain name.


Paid Server

If the above said servers are available free then why there are paid server. The above mentioned servers have limited feature. Such as if you want to blog only then the above mentioned site are best option. But if you want any other option such as payment option, then you must have to have a paid server. And also the above mentioned site rank the webpages very late in the search results. And there other limitations such as except blogspot no other platform allows to integrate advertistements in the website which is a good source of income for a website owner.

The best part about paid server, they are available at low price (Rs 30 to 60 /- INR). It is best suitable for any one who is just about to start a blogging site. As traffic to website increases, we can upgrade.

In my experience, 800 Rs monthly plan is sufficient for a website which has 10000 traffic per day. (Here I am speaking about blogging website.(Like this website. It was hosted in a server for monthly 750 plan excluding tax for one year. And this year this website traffic gained more than 10000 per day so shifted to expensive hosting server))

How can I decide which server plan is best for me?

If you are planning to opt a paid server, then the first thing you have to understand, purchasing a server is not wise. Rather renting a server space is wise decision.

Because server costs in lakhs and more. Yes its true. And a team of engineers is definitely required to maintain the server. However there are plenty company which has purchased a server and provides server space (which is known as hosting option) on rental basis. Few company provide server space on yearly rental basis where as others provide on monthly rental basis.

Web Hosting in India

In India, Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostinger, Big Rock etc. provide hostings in monthly rental basis. If you look at these website you would find there are plenty hosting plans available. Lets understand all of these web hostings.

Types of Web Hosting

Broadly there are three types of web hosting available.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting

Because most aspiring blogger are from non engineering and non programming background, it is hard to describe the difference among the above mentioned hosting plans but with the following example, even a first standard school kid can also understand the difference.


Lets consider the types of tickets available for travel in express train  under Indian Railway.

Broadly there are two types of ticket available. One is unreserved and another one is reserved ticket.

Shared Hosting

Lets first understand shared hosting.

Unreserved ticket owners are allowed to travel in General compartment of a train only. And there is no restriction of number of passenger can travel in  general compartment. In three sitter seat, seven to ten people adjust and travel.

Shard hosting is similar kind of thing. Websites from different people rented same shared hosting are hosted. Every shared hosting has certain RAM, certain number of processor, certain number of bandwidth and certain number of memory limit. All these resources are equally shared among all the websites existed in the same shared hosting space.

Shared hosting is like general compartment in a train. Each shared hosting holder are like a passenger in a general compartment.

Some times general compartment are crowd less other wise most of the time general compartments are over crowded. Similarly a shared hosting is. There is no restriction on number of shared hosting holders.

If a shared hosting has 4 GB RAM, 1 TB Bandwidth then all the websites hosted in this shared hosting are bound to have to share these resources.

Virtual Private Hosting

Now lets understand virtual private hosting.

Lets understand through train ticket context. So far we have understood unreserved ticket booking is like purchasing a shared hosting. Therefore reserved ticket purchasing is like virtual private hosting.

If you have a reserved ticket, then you are allowed to travel in a sleeper coach. Now you have reserved a berth for you. Now matter how many passengers travel in a train, your berth is for you and no one can sit in your berth.

Virtual private hosting is similar to reservation ticket travel. Company allots you a server space that has certain amount of RAM, certain amount of Bandwidth and other features available. These allotted resources are meant for your hosted website only.

Dedicated Hosting 

We know about berth booking and that is we purchase a sleeper ticket. But there is another kind of booking where entire compartment is booked. In that compartment only authorized passenger can travel.

Example: Compartment booked for army. Compartment booked for pilgrimage people.

Dedicated hosting is like entire compartment booking.

Differences among Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting and Dedicated hosting

Hosting: Shared Hosting Virtual Private Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Price Rs 60 – Rs 1500 Rs 700 – Rs 3000 Rs 4000 – Rs 25000
Traffic 1000 per day 10000 per day 100000 per day
Website Limit More than one More than one More than one
Resources 1-4 GB RAM, Unlimited Storage 1 GB – 16 GB RAM, 10 GB to 160 GB Storage 8GB – 32GB RAM,1000 GB – 2 TB Storage

Note: The above data is to give an idea about the difference among the types of hosting. The price, amount of traffic, website limit and resources may vary.

If you are absolute new then go for a shared hosting. Shared hosting are also available in different configuration. High configuration shared hosting cost more money than low configuration shared hosting.

Similarly virtual private hosting also comes in different configuration. Price differs depending upon configuration.

Similar dedicated hosting also available in different configuration. Price differs depending upon configuration.

In my opinion,if you are absolute new then either go for high configuration option in shared hosting or low configuration option in virtual hosting. As your website grow upgrade accordingly.

Demerit of Shared Hosting

Now suppose one of the website in the shared hosting consumed 90% of allotted 4 GM RAM for some reason, then rest website are going to face the consequence and that is downtime. Rest website would become slow or unresponsive.

Demerit of Virtual Hosting

Prior knowledge of database maintenance, linux/windows command and web development is required. There are cpanel which makes the work easy. But sooner or later when website gets traffic then it would attract the attention of hackers. Hackers are going to cause trouble one after another for sure. Virtual Hosting provider customer support helps in this regard but upto certain limit only.

Demerit of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting needs a team of engineer to run. Even if WHMS panel makes it easy but sooner or later a team is required for sure.

Cloud Hosting

People assume cloud hosting is just another kind of hosting like shared, virtual or dedicated but cloud hosting is in itself a different technology.

Fast growing option for any kind of website owner is cloud hosting. Because it is cheap and very effective compared to dedicated hosting.

Most of the cloud hosting service provider offer wide range of cloud hosting option. Therefore the website owner can opt a plan and upgrade depending upon the need.

Can I launch my website in cloud hosting if I do not have any knowledge of coding?

Yes you can. With content management software like wordpress not only you can launch your any kind of website in cloud hosting but also in hosting plan such as shared hosting, virtual private hosting or dedicated hosting. And with this article series on launching website in cloud hosting, all you have to is just follow the article series, copy the command and execute it. Thats it. It hardly would take 15 minutes and your website is ready.

Cloud Hosting Providers

Following are the some of the popular cloud hosting provider.

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Amazon AWS
  3. Google Cloud Hosting

Why should I opt Cloud Hosting?

Because its powerful. Imagine a complete dedicated server is allotted to you. That is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting are available in different configuration.


20 GB Hard Disk


Depending upon cloud hosting service provider, different configuration are available. And price costs depending upon the configuration. And the best part, there is hassle free upgradation available. That is if you feel your website needs 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB Ram, then just one click and it is done. Of course the monthly billing will be increased accordingly.

The another best part about cloud hosting, you get monthly billing depending upon your usage.

(I have made complete guide on step by step wordpress website launch in Cloud hosting (Ubuntu operating system) and for the chapter list in the bottom and follow accordingly. The listed chapter are written in so easy manner even a school kid can follow and launch his/her website.)