Decrement operator in Javascript

Javascript provides decrement operation. To perform decrement operation we use decrement operator. Decrement operators are helpful in lots of situation. Suppose we have allowed user to perform a task for a limited number of times. By using decrement operator, we can track how many attempts left for the user to perform the task. We use […]

Increment operator in javascript

Javascript provides increment operation. To perform increment operation, we use increment operator. Increment operators are beneficial in lots of cases. Such as, suppose a user is performing certain task repetitively. With the help of increment operator, we can track the number of times the user has performed the task. We use increment operator to increment […]

Datatypes in Javascript

Javascript supports various type of datatypes such as number, string, object etc. To declare a variable we use the keyword “var” variable declaration in Javascript: Syntax: var num=5; Unlike c, c++ or java, in javascript we don’t require the type of data to declare. Browser engine can understand from the assigned value the type of […]

Javascript arithmetic operators

Javascript provides lots of arithmetic operations to do. To execute various arithmetic operations, we use various arithmetic operators. Addition Operator + To perform addition operation we use addition operator. Example: Lets print addition value of 5 and 10 <script> alert(5+10); </script> The above code would print 15. Multiplication operator * To perform multiplication operation, we […]

Javascript – Show a message to user

Javascript is scripting language and it is a client side scripting language. Javascript is having a function using which we can print a message. Unlike, c, c++ or java, where we print message into the console, in Javascript there is no such console. Therefore, to show a message we need to add extra layout to […]

An Introduction to Javascript

Javascript is a client side scripting language. Unlike C, C++, Java, Javascript is used specifically to execute various task at the client side and it is a scripting language. Because Javascripts are executable by browsers only. What is a Javascript? As mentioned earlier javascript is a client side scripting language. In lots of situation, we […]

PHP Print all values of an Array

PHP array is efficient way to store large number of data in to a variable name. Situation may come, where we may want to print all the values of array. Print all values of an Array To print an array, we must have to know the total number of values in the array. If you […]

PHP Concatenation operator

PHP concatenation operator is another powerful operator that helps us to provide more meaningful content to user. The symbol of concatenation operator is . (dot) Why Concatenation Operator (.) is used? In PHP, while performing task, we may get various datatype values such as integer value, string value. To provide user more meaningful content, we […]

PHP Arrays

In PHP, Arrays are beneficial to handle large number of data with index. Benefit of index, we can retrieve back the information. Why do we need Array? Array are beneficial to keep large number of data in single variable. You would wonder and astonish to know, SQL, Classes, Online data fetching(JSON) etc. are strictly result […]

PHP While loops

While loop in PHP, is another efficient way to execute task in loop. While loop can also be considered to alternative to for loop. While Loop: While loop is used to execute task in loop. While loop syntax: initial value while (condition){ // execute required task // what should it do at the end of […]