PHP Basics

PHP MySQLi Establish Connection

In this first article of PHP MySQLi Tutorial, we are going to learn how to establish database connection with mysql database.

Before proceeding further, you must have following knowledge

  • Basics of PHP
  • MySQL commands (create table, insert row, select row, update row, delete row etc.)

What is MySQLi?

MySQLi is a php based library which is essential to establish connection with mysql database and perform various types of mysql operations. MySQLi is the latest version library. The oldest version library was MySQL.

With MySQLi library we can perform following tasks

  • Create Table
  • Insert Record into table
  • Print rows from the table
  • Alter table data
  • Delete table record
  • Create copy of  a table
  • Update record in the table

To perform, any SQL operation, first we need to establish database connection.

How to establish DATABASE Connection using MySQLi in PHP?

To establish database connection using php we must have to know the following parameters.

Server name

In most cases, the server name is localhost. Because most of the webserver has mysql server installed inside apache server. But in some cases, the website or web application is located in one server and mysql database is located in another server. In such scene the server name would be the ip address of the mysql database server.

Database Name

Inside mysql server, we may have one or more than one database. To which ever mysql table you are seeking to establish connection, you must have to know the respective database name. For this tutorial purpose in my mysql server I have ’employee_db’ database. So my database name is ’employee_db’

User Name & Password

Apart from server name, Database name, to establish connection we need user name and password as well. While creating mysql server you must have created a user name and password. I am using default user name and password of my mysql server and that is root and password is blank.

So at this point we are ready with following parameters.





To establish connection, we must have to call the MySQLi connect function which takes above parameters as argument. Therefore the complete code to establish mysql connection is as below.



#we are storing mysql connection value in conn variable. You can take any variable name you want which should not have space or special characters.


echo “Connection established”;


echo “Connection failed to establish”;


The above code would print “connection established” if connection is established successfully.