Javascript Assignment Operators

To better understand what is an assignment operator, lets re-think once again how do we declare a variable and set value to it? Read Article: Variable Declaration in Javascript Assignment Operator The symbol of assignment operator is = Example <script> var num=100; </script> In the above example, we have declared variable name num. It holds the […]

Javascript Arithmetic Operators

To perform arithmetic operations Javascript has operators that performs the task. Operators Addition Operator As the name says, arithmetic operator performs arithmetic operation. The symbol of addition operator is + Example <script> var num1=10; var num2=20; alert(num1+num2); </script> Output:30 Subtraction Operator Subtraction Operator performs subtraction operation. The symbol of subtraction operator is – Example <script> var num1=20; var num2=10; alert(num1-num2); </script> […]