How to create a simple general knowledge GK Game using Unity 2018 latest version for Android App

One of the popular mobile game is Quiz app with multiple choice options. As game / App developer one question we encounter which app or game would be beneficial to create. And the answer would be GK Quiz App. Because it takes less time, effort and resources to make. And user prefer to use or play such game repetitively. In this article we are going to learn how to create General Knowledge Quiz App easily.

Steps to Create GK Quiz App using Unity:

  1. Download Install Unity latest version
  2. Create a new project, set 2d.
  3. Create Scene (If not created) then rename what ever you want.
  4. Go to file- Build Settings and change target platform to android
  5. Then, create the background
  6. Then, Create the question text
  7. then, create the options button
  8. Then attach the script from the following link.

GK Quiz Android Game Unity

To download the script, click on following link:



Unable to understand, how to create the game, then watch following video:



This app is available at google play store, to download the app, visit following link:

Download General Knowledge Android Game From Google Play Store